Architecture is the Germany's nationwide architect´s network for specialized architects, architect office and engineers from the range of architecture and interested owners / investors domiciled in Berlin.
The basic idea consists of it that by this network the possibility is made available for the owners / investors of finding a specialized architects in its proximity with free capacities and the necessary "Know How".

For a architect / architect office exits the possibility to find clients, who needs exactly its specialized authority. This offer is naturally free of charge and noncommittal for clients. Interrested owners and specialized architect / architect office please apply directly by email.
We will make the contact as fast as possible with a partner of our Germany's nationwide architect´s network and you.

loi pinel

As previously mentioned, we are a network at architect / architects offices, which sat down to the goal, to give the owners the best possible support with the realization of its building project.
The idea which created by the work united by architects, engineers and of designer into to atmosphere of mutual inspiration and support. Here all architects / architects offices are naturally bound to the HOAI. ( see FAQ ) Through projects within the of rank develop trade and public as well as private buildings.
Our partner realize e.g. individually houses, old building renovation, compile corporate Design conformal trade objects and engage themselves furthermore expectation of the future users use in interaction between Design and use expectation of the future users.
This is quite complex and set a high measure of creative interaction between the fellow "players".